Application of Industrial Brushes in Product Deburring

2020-03-20 16:59

Industrial brushes are new products that are upgraded and improved on the basis of civilian brushes. At present, there are many types of industrial brushes, and the range of application is also very wide. For metal deburring and polishing brushes, iron wire (steel wire) is mainly used as a skeleton, with many finely arranged brush wires arranged in an outward direction Make up. The brush wire is made of abrasive-containing nylon wire. The abrasive is usually alumina and silicon carbide.


First, the main types

Deburring strip brushes, deburring disc brushes (spotted and glued), deburring brush rollers, deburring bowl brushes, deburring tube brushes, deburring pencil brushes, and more. The deburring brushes of different shapes are mainly selected according to the shape of the workpiece to be deburred and the supporting appliances and equipment, so as to achieve the purpose and effect of supporting.

Second, the main material

Silicon carbide abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, gold-sand abrasive wire, wire brush, ceramic fiber brush, etc. are mainly selected based on factors such as the material of the deburring product, the size of the burr, and the quality requirements of the product surface. Head count.

Application of various brushes

In the deburring industry, the use of brushes is mainly based on professional deburring equipment, machine tool processing equipment, and manual (power tools).

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